LiveFit Emotional Wellness Session

Keep Your Emotions In Check

Emotional well-being is vital to holistic wellness. Being emotionally healthy sets the path to manage the various elements of your life. Our virtual emotional wellness sessions consist of our qualified experts that focus on improving emotional intelligence and open dialogue concerning emotional wellness issues in the workplace.

Life Coaching Session

An important key factor to successful performance is inspiration, commitment and a correct frame of mind. Let our qualified personal development life coach empower your corporate teams reach the next level in their self-awareness and emotional intelligence development.

This session includes:
– 60 mins practical workshops designed to encourage your team with key emotional health development in your team’s personal and professional life.

60 mins session

Ditch the Burnout

It’s no surprise that many people have experienced burn out at some stage in their lives! Our experts are experienced in helping your team identify burnout on a professional level and provide sustainable guidance to maintain holistic balance and wellness.

This session includes:
– 40 mins Ditch the burnout keynote with Questions and Answers session.
– 20 mins stress relief breathing exercises.

60 minutes session

Which Virtual Wellness Programs Is Right For Your Team?

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