LiveFit Virtual Mental Health

Keep Your Mind In Check

Our virtual mental health programs consist of sessions with experienced mental health specialists. We encourage open conversation around mental health issues facilitated by our qualified in-house psychologists with the aim to create workplace environments which focus on emotional intelligence and collegial work environments.

Total Mindshift Virtual Class

Treat your team with a mental health total mind shift virtual class with a well-deserved 90 minutes. Our sessions are led by mental health specialists with experience in mental health issues employees face.

The session includes:
– 60 mins of Mindfulness sessions aimed at building mental strength and avoiding burn out.
-20 mins of Mental health coping techniques.
– 10 mins of breathing exercises.

90-minute session

Mental Health Nutrition Virtual Class

There are many factors related to the prevention and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders, and there is developing evidence that nutrition plays a role.  

The session includes:
– 60 mins of this session is designed to introduce factors connecting nutrition to the treatment and prevention of depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. 

60-minute session

Financial Wellness

Money affects your mental health! Our experts are here to help you start your journey to managing your finances.

The session includes:
– 60 mins on financial advice for your team on holistic topics relating to investments, savings, financial planning and more for your team.

60-minute session

Which Virtual Wellness Programs Is Right For Your Team?

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